Meet Cheryl Malone

Behavior Specialist & Trainer

Cheryl is a corporate attorney with twenty-five years of biotech law experience. She is also a writer with two published children’s books to her credit and more than a little passion for dogs, especially her beloved Irish Wheaten Terriers. Cheryl believes that all dogs are good dogs, and owners and pups are at their best when communicating and listening to one another. That’s one of the reasons she adores working with students in our puppy and adult classes. In addition, she teaches our Summer Fun classes and Fun and Games classes, and is spearheading the expansion of All About My Dog’s therapy dog programChallenging your dog and providing therapy and services requires team work, confidence, and leadership—the very heart of The Lisa Rockland Method. Cheryl works with non-reactive dogs at all levels of development and owners of all ages. All are welcome. 

Lorcan & Muri

Lorcan (male, Gaelic meaning: warrior) and Muri (female, Gaelic name: Murigenmeaning of the sea) descend directly from one of Ireland’s oldest native breeds—Cheryl brought both dogs home from Co. Cork, and now connects families who are interested in Irish wheatens with Irish breeders. She’s even a member of the Irish Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Ireland. Cheryl loves training her dogs together and employs both in the classroom as examples of every-day pack behavior, obedience, agility and tricks, appropriate dog-to-dog and dog-to-human interaction, and more. You may see the pair riding a skateboard together, overseeing playgroup, visiting with visitors, or simply hanging out during classesWhile Lorcan is friendly and outgoing, Muri is thoughtful and reserved. Both dogs love All About My Dog as much as Cheryl!