Meet Jamie Whitbeck

Behavior Specialist & Trainer

Jamie is a software development project manager with a love for dogs and gardening. Through the years, this love has drawn her to the often misunderstood underdog. Jamie has adopted, trained, and rehabilitated 3 adult pit bulls from as many different shelters. Her second dog, Charlie, is where her journey at All about My Dog began.

Charlie was different. He was a sensitive, nervous dog who developed serious dog aggression. Desperate for help, Jamie and her husband found Lisa. After a lot of work and patience over the course of a full calendar year (Charlie was no joke!), they helped Charlie become the good boy he is today. He is now a proud Canine Good Citizen, an exuberant participant in his Masters class & playgroups and works with his mom as an example of what is possible.

Jamie knows from firsthand experience, when you communicate in a way that your dog understands, any dog at any age or starting point can become a good dog. She believes in the underdogs of the world and is excited to show you just how great your dog can be and how strong your bond can become. With a focus on team work, Jamie will help you communicate with your dog, and celebrate all your milestones, big and small.

Charlie & Eddie

Charlie is where the whole journey began, a pit bull cross adopted from Out of the Pits in 2014 as a companion for Keeley (2008-2017, adopted 2009). Eddie, a stray pit bull from Alabama, joined Jamie’s pack in October 2017. Expect to see them lounging off to the side in any of Jamie’s classes. While these energetic, big boys are couch potatoes at heart they have wildly differing personalities. Charlie is sensitive and quick witted, Eddie is simple and confident. Both have made their way to a more peaceful existence.