Which Class is Right for Me & My Dog?

Some people just teach tricks. Some people just teach behavior. We teach both.

Each of our foundation classes offers instruction appropriate to your dog’s age, stage of development and individual needs and behaviors. We’ll certainly teach you Come When Called, Sit, Down, Stay, Leave It, and all the other common obedience commands— but our ultimate goal is to help you create a dog that you can live with peacefully and happily. We want you to have a friend who can be a part of your family and all the fun things you do together: soccer games, the ferry, family gatherings, picnics in the park, camping, pet-friendly stores…anything and everything as long as you’re together!

Puppies under 7 months of age: Start in one of our puppy foundation classes.

If you have an older puppy, an adult dog new to your home, or a dog who has taken classes somewhere else: We recommend that you start in one of our adult foundation classes.

If you and your dog are struggling with fear, reactivity or aggression: We recommend a private training session first, then enrollment in one of our behavior foundation classes.

Important Pro Tip!

No matter what class you pick, our instructors are always assessing each individual dog and how the group works as a whole to ensure that everybody has the best fit and a successful training outcome. Every course includes time for instructional free play and socialization so you and your dog can learn what is appropriate and how to read and interpret your dog’s language. We happily move people around to ensure that you and your dog succeed together.

You can also use this helpful chart to pick your class:

My dog is Aggressive, Fearful or Reactive

My dog is NOT Aggressive, Fearful or Reactive



Start seeing changes immediately with one of our PRIVATE TRAINING options.

My Puppy is 7 months or younger

My puppy or adult dog is older than 7 months

Puppies from 10 to 16 weeks:

Puppies from 16 weeks to 7 months:


I’m still not sure where we belong!

If we’ve never met your dog and you’d like to take one of our advanced, specialty, or certification classes, or if your dog has taken classes somewhere else:

Schedule a PRIVATE TRAINING session. We’ll be able to give you a custom class placement recommendation and begin your training right away!