The Lisa Rockland Method

At All About My Dog, we teach The Lisa Rockland Method, a unique behavior-based curriculum you won’t find anywhere else. Our method addresses the real-life issues you and your dog may be having as well as “traditional” and fun obedience learning.

Some people just teach tricks. Some people just teach behavior. We teach both.

We offer instruction appropriate to your dog’s age, stage of development and individual needs and behaviors. We’ll certainly teach you Come When Called, Sit, Down, Stay, Leave It, and all the other common obedience commands— but our ultimate goal is to help you create a dog that you can live with peacefully and happily. We want you to have a friend who can be a part of your family and all the fun things you do together: soccer games, the ferry, family gatherings, picnics in the park, camping, pet-friendly stores…anything and everything as long as you’re together!

The Lisa Rockland Method consists of natural training techniques that replicate how a mother dog trains her pups. Lisa has always instinctually thought like a mamma dog since she was raising her first puppy at the age of just 7 years old and that, combined with over 50 years of professional and life experience, has formed her unique approach to canine behaviorism and training. She is not “Alpha” or “Pack Leader.” She is Mother Dog.

Rituals like “stay quietly in the den,” “follow me where I go,” and “come when I call,” are all imprinted in your dog’s DNA because learning these things will make the difference between life and death within a natural pack. The same techniques that have helped Mother Dog keep her pups safe for thousands of years from porcupines and predators still work today in our modern world. Mother Dog teaches her pups all of the life skills they need to be safe and happy and all of these things are relevant in our every day lives with our dogs. You, too, can be Mother Dog or Father Dog to your pup no matter how old they are.

Lisa’s unique method, taught by her and all of our trainers at All About My Dog, will show you how to access all of these very natural behaviors that every dog knows on an instinctual level. No gadgets or equipment fads for us! Our main goal is building a solid relationship through kind leadership, clear communication and mutual trust. Consistency is key. If you know how to ask so that your dog understands you, you will get the behavior you want. Even better…you will always have our techniques with you wherever you are so that you can continue the process of teaching and guiding your dog everywhere you go.

As Lisa puts it: “Dogs ask questions every day. They look to us for guidance. How we answer those questions – if we even answer them at all! – determines whether their behavior will change for the better or continue exactly as it is.” Our program will teach you how to answer your dog’s questions in a way that makes sense to them as dogs, not little humans, so you both can enjoy a deeper and happier connection. Your dog can be the friend of a lifetime and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. At All About My Dog you are in great and very capable hands!

The Lisa Rockland Method is natural, kind, and clear. Read some of our testimonials that come not only from Lisa’s clients, but from the students of our trainers! Let us at All About My Dog help you to create the dog that you’ve always wanted and a friendship to last a lifetime.