Here’s what else they’re saying…

We are working on our second puppy with Lisa and I had kind of forgotten just how amazing she is. Prior to meeting Lisa several years ago, I had heard about horse whispers or dog whisperers, but never believed in them. Then I met Lisa. She has amazing understanding of dogs and really gets them. However, what really set her apart is that she is a great Owner Trainer. Yes. That’s right. She trains the owners, as well (if not more than) the dogs. By helping us to figure out our dogs (what they need, what they are doing and saying), she helps us become effective owners and trainers of our own dogs. In the process, we get the dogs that we want.

Jonathan & Poppy

Wayland, MA

I just had Ophelia out for a run with me today, and I had to write to you because you literally wouldn’t believe she’s the same dog! Not only is she perfectly happy for me to put the gentle leader on her now, but when we were running, she was following along behind me so perfectly that a stranger we passed was moved to comment, “That’s a well-behaved dog!” Only 4 classes ago, Ophelia was biting me when I tried to touch her neck and was so reactive to the sight of the gentle leader that she wouldn’t even approach it when I put it on the ground with a treat on top of it. Now she’s running with the gentle leader and getting compliments in the street!…THANK YOU so much for taking a dog I was afraid might be too reactive for me to be able to take care of, and bringing out the wonderful companion I knew she had inside of her!!

Kelly & Ophelia

Stow, MA

Lisa Rockland is THE dog trainer here in Massachusetts who does it all. She combines so many methods, she is gentle and extremely effective in solving any problems I have had with my dogs. We recently rescued a dog who had been biting and displaying other aggressive behaviors. We did a virtual private session and in an hour, we had a new dog. It is mostly always our fault as humans not understanding what our dogs are telling us. Lisa is like a foreign language translator and then teaches us the language of dogs and how their minds work so we can become fluent too in dog language! I don’t know what I would do without her as a dog parent. She is a superb dog expert, trainer and an awesome person. Consider yourself lucky if you have found her. She will transform your life and your dog’s life too so you will have the dog of your dreams!

Marcy & Finn

Concord, MA

We just had our first Skype training session with Lisa and I cannot recommend her highly enough. We rescued a pit-mix three years ago and have tried working with various trainers for over-excitability and leash reactivity with no success. After just one Skype session with Lisa we saw immediate results and finally feel like we have the proper tools and understanding to help our pup feel safe and peaceful. Lisa is so kind, funny and incredibly knowledgeable. She instantly put us and our pup at ease and we finally feel like we know how to communicate with our dog. Her method is so connected to the way dogs actually learn. So instead of trying to ‘train’ them to speak our language, she teaches you how to speak and understand theirs. And it is easy!! We are so relieved and grateful to have found her. We found Skype to be a great alternative to meeting in person (COVID/Social distancing measures prevented that option) but I don’t feel anything was lost and we are actually excited to schedule our follow up.

Maura & Willa

West Somerville, MA

I was referred to Lisa at All About My Dog via my vet after my rescue pup had gotten into a bad fight with another dog and tried to attack my in laws’ ancient dachshund over the summer. I was really concerned that I couldn’t have my dog Mya around any other dogs.

Lisa has helped me gain a firm understanding of Mya’s body language and frames her training as the dog’s behavior asking you a question. If you don’t answer it, you have told the dog they need to manage the situation on their own and without help. That led my submissive fearful dog to act aggressively to protect herself.

Now I am much more aware of her responses and can act so that she is more settled in interacting with the world. We are able to meet other dogs now calmly.

I highly recommend Lisa and All About My Dog for any dog owner who has an anxious dog or any owner looking to deepen their relationship with their dog.

Lisa Janice & Mya

Newton, MA

I’ve been training with Lisa for 4 years now. Without her, my dog would be very dog aggressive and disobedient. Now he goes to day care 2x/wk and is the life of the party. Whenever we leave him with friends, they always rave about how well behaved he is (he even brought the rings down the isle for our wedding by himself, then went back to his seat by himself). Without all about my dog, none of this would be possible. Hands down, best training studio around.

Justin & Tyson

Billerica, MA

It was great meeting you on Thursday – we’re already using what we learned and it’s working well!

Carie & Indie

Sudbury, MA

Thank you so much! We have really seen improvement for the first time and it’s all because of you !!!!

Karen & Josie

Newton, MA

Lisa is the BEST of the best! She is so talented and knows exactly how to help. We first met Lisa 3 years ago when we hired her to help us with our 1 yr old (at that time) golden retriever. We took classes with her as well as hired her for private sessions at our house and she was amazing! We reached out to her again when we recently got another golden retriever puppy and she continues to help us. Her group classes are informative and fun. I love learning from her and putting everything into practice on a daily basis! Her doggie playgroups are an EXCELLENT way for you to learn how to read dog behavior AND are a fun and safe way for dogs to socialize and play! Highly Recommend!

Rita & Charlie

Maynard, MA

Lisa Rockland and her staff have helped many of our dogs at Buddy Dog Humane Society overcome fears and other behavioral challenges, helping them become more adoptable and ultimately find their forever homes. Just as importantly,  many staff and volunteers have learned to be better leaders and communicators with dogs through her lessons and classes. Lisa is a very intuitive trainer and goes beyond basic obedience, gets to the root of the problem, and gives you the tools needed to face challenges down the road.

Buddy Dog Humane Society

Sudbury, MA

Three years ago I was looking for a trainer who not only could teach dog obedience but also knew dog behavior. At the time I had a puppy Bullmastiff, Harrison, and having owned the breed for almost 25 years I knew the importance of socializing and training for this large working breed. As luck would have it we found Lisa and she has been everything I was hoping for and more! So much so that we followed her to her new training facility. I am continually impressed with not only her skills at teaching dog obedience but her knowledge with dog behavior that my experience has shown not all dog trainers have. Especially her skills with aggressive and dominant dogs, seeing her at work rehabilitating those dogs is truly amazing. As the Cesar Milan saying goes, Lisa rehabilitates dogs and trains the owners. I can’t recommend Lisa enough if you are truly looking for a place to learn about your dog and strengthen that bond!

Tim, Harrison, Vince & Mazie

Natick, MA

I can not emphasize enough Lisa’s skills in dealing with “reactive/aggressive” dogs and their owners and the debt that I owe her. When my badly traumatized rescue dog Bennie and I began taking classes with Lisa, Bennie was a very frightened dog whose first instinct was to lash out. Although I was an “experienced” dog owner, I was at a complete loss on how to deal with him. I took classes with Lisa for over a year and she showed me how to calm Bennie’s fears, identify what situations he would find difficult, and how to deal with them. As I became more confident and secure in my ability to handle him, Bennie became a more confident and secure dog. It was with great joy that we all watched Bennie’s transformation from a lost and terrified dog to a happy and confident one who greets every day with a wagging tail and a twinkle in his eye.

Kathy & Bennie

Wayland, MA

Lisa and her team at All About My Dog have literally changed our lives. We’ve done a tour of dog training in Greater Boston, and none have done what All About My dog did for [us]. We have a three-year-old rescue named Cash…He has severe leash aggression/anxiety when he sees other dogs, and as a result, we were never able to take him anywhere. After one private lesson and one three-class program (all incredibly affordable), we have seen an improvement I can’t adequately describe in a simple review.

We are now seeking out dogs on walks to put our training into practice. We take Cash to parks where we know there will be a lot of dogs, and we have never felt out of control with him in these settings – a totally foreign feeling for us since he joined our family two years ago. Tonight, we took him to the park behind our house, watched people play kickball and softball, and sat him next to two other dogs with absolutely no issues and a clear process to follow if he did act up (which he did not).

We are all in and can’t wait to continue training with him at All About My Dog. To say this training program changed our lives would be an understatement, and we are indescribably thankful…I’m telling you: If our dog, who Lisa joked we brought into her class like Hannibal Lector (with two leashes, a harness, a muzzle, and an e-collar), can succeed with this program, your dog can too. Do it now. We wish we had found All About My Dog two years ago.

Caitlin & Cash

Quincy, MA

Lisa is amazing! I had worked with several trainers with my new rescue, Miel, who showed major reactivity. It did not make much difference. When we first walked in the door, I had to muzzle Miel, as she was lunging at Lisa and her training canine partner, and was totally out of control. Without using a single treat or any aversive methods, within about 40 minutes, my dog was happily exploring, mingling with the other dogs, and asking for pets from Lisa. No more muzzle, off leash. I could hardly believe it! Lisa did this by showing me how to read my dogs’s language, help her settle, and communicate to her as a mama dog would to a pup. My smart girl got it, and responded with this unbelievable turnaround! Lisa is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and very, very effective. I am in awe. Feeling very lucky to have found her!! I look forward to taking classes with her – hoping to take as many as possible – to build on this progress! Cannot recommend her more highly!

Anna & Miel

Wayland, MA

We’ve been in an extremely high-stress conflict cycle between Leia and Skipper. Dangerous and scary. Talked to Buddy Dog, the shelter where we got Leia, and they recommended Lisa Rockland, a behaviourist and life saver. We spent an hour and a half together today. Lots more work to do, but the house is calmer and I feel seriously empowered.

Tara, Leia & Skipper

Concord, MA

Our goofy mutt a as sweet as they come, but with that also came a lot of anxiety. We’ve learned that he’s a sensitive guy who needs a little more guidance and reassurance than other dogs. Something we were not familiar with at all. Lisa and Jordan have shown us time and time again how to make little changes in our behavior that makes ALL the difference with Cam. Learning how to set the expectation with him in all situations at home, walking, at the vet, with family, has made all of our lives so much easier. Our family and friends are always impressed at what a good boy our dog is and how little we actually have to say to him. They teach you how to build rapport and trust with your dog through body language which decreases the “power struggle” we so often see with owners and big dogs. The trainers are so knowledgeable, so caring about each dog, and you see results so quickly. And when we came back recently to prepare for a new baby, they were patient reteaching and reminding us some of the basics that we had fallen out practice of and quickly got us all back on track. We recommend everyone we meet to come here! Thank you for all you’ve done for us and Cammy over the years

Julie & Cammy

Marlborough, MA

I rescued my dog Emma in the summer of 2018. She was dominant, fearful, and reactive and I had zero experience with the breed. I learned pretty quickly that we needed professional help. I had tried other trainers with no luck; one of them even suggested that I send her back, she wasn’t ‘fixable’. Fortunately, someone that had worked with AAMD before recommended them, I reached out to Lisa and that was the beginning of an amazing journey. We had a private lesson first, and I couldn’t believe my eyes; by the time that Lisa left my house Emma was calm, I was able to walk her on leash without incidents, and was no longer aggressive towards me. 

We continued training with Lisa, Jamie, and Jordan; they are all exceptional. The transformation that I have seen in my dog, I didn’t believe possible. She went from wild, and I mean WILD, to the love bug that she is today that craves snuggles and affection. We wouldn’t be where we are today without their training, guidance, and continuous support, and for that I will be always grateful.

Cecilia & Emma

Ashland, MA

Wow! We couldn’t be more thankful for Lisa and the All About My Dog Staff. We got Opie (rescue) earlier this year and we were faced a high energy and reactive personality. Though he loves dogs, he was unable and unsure how to appropriately meet and play with them.

Although Opie was overly excited in our first couple of classes (Behavior 101), we were met with calm direction and support from Lisa and the team that left us with skills to bring home day 1.

Now after 5 months of training with Lisa, Opie has successfully attended his first playgroup and made lots of doggie friends, safely and appropriately. 

We confidently recommend All About My Dog to those that truly want to invest in their dog and see their true light shine through!

Christine & Opie

Natick, MA

Bringing my dog here has changed my life, really. Walking and encountering other dogs was nightmarish. My first private lesson with Lisa taught me immediately how to calm him down. I have been attending classes since. No more lunging, growling and aggression while walking. I have control and my dog feels safe. I have been to dog trainers before but never one like Lisa. She innately understands how to communicate with dogs. No barking commands and yanking leashes. It’s a much calmer approach and it works!

Lisa & Bill

Southborough, MA

I honestly didn’t have my hopes up, but I had already tried everything else to get my dog’s incessant barking under control. After 1 hour with Lisa, Lucy is like a completely different dog! It was like magic honestly. The techniques that Lisa taught me actually worked to calm my dog down so that she and I could both have some peace!

Morgan & Lucy

Framingham, MA

I knew I was in trouble when I witnessed Ike try to eat a small child, take the leg off a fed ex guy, and rip the arm off a woman out for a neighborhood stroll. It was obvious to me that the trainers and methods were not working with this dog and I had better change course. That’s how I found Lisa’s aggressive dog workshop, and from that day, within that 1 hour I knew that Ike and I were finally in the right place. Throughout the years, Lisa gave me the courage and confidence and taught me how to be leader…Ike turned out to be a great dog, and I enjoyed every second of his newfound personality.

Lisa & Ike

Natick, MA

The Lisa Rockland Method is the way to go! I have a one year old, intact male Weimaraner. I was struggling with training him to be calm and act appropriately when people would enter the house. He jumped, ran circles around them, became extremely hyper, and barked aggressively…Lisa came to my home and the training began immediately. She was only there for an hour, but Lisa is so intuitive to dogs’ individual personalities that the insight she provided gave me the tools I needed to correct the behaviors…Using other methods, training took me weeks, and months to even see a slight change. It has only been a few days since Lisa came for training, but his behavior and demeanor has drastically improved, and he is actually responding to what I am teaching him! Lisa has given me the confidence and the tools to be the best dog owner I can be. She is the ONLY dog trainer I would recommend, and the only one I will use in the future. Thanks, Lisa!

Rachel & Loki

Framingham, MA

Lisa has trained four or five of my dogs over the years (technically I suppose she’s training *me*) and they’ve all been great experiences. Emphasis is on “telling your dog” what you want them to do. Correction is not emphasized, nor are treats. This is about communication. Find the time for a class. It’s worth it.

Tom & Freyr

Stow, MA

I came to All about My Dog feeling hopelessness and frustration. My Dog Sammy and I went to about 5 different trainers prior, putting in a lot of work but nothing really would stick. He was aggressive & reactive towards dogs and people on walks and with people coming to the house and or just walking by…At the first dog behavior 101 class my dog growled and lunged at the teacher and her dog. But by the 3rd & final class, with the help of Lisa’s methods, Sammy was walking on leash by other people and dogs and not reacting at all! With having more control over him, I gained more confidence and in turn showed Sammy that he doesn’t have to protect me, but rather I’ll protect him. I also have to say, a lot of the training I had before stressed me out and I often found to be overwhelming. I can confidently admit that I absolutely had fun with Lisa’s classes and not only enjoyed learning in a group setting but laughed often. I always left hopeful feeling positive and happy with the class, our progress, myself and with my dog! 

Carol & Sammy

Charlestown, MA

Lisa came to my house today to help my 16 week old golden retriever with separation anxiety and all I can say is WOW! He is now in his crate and we will be practicing everything she taught us. I’m still shocked I am sitting here while he’s in his crate, this is something I was not able to do. I had another trainer try to help and it was NOTHING compared to what Lisa did in a little over an hour!! I HIGHLY recommend!

Andrea & Brody

Wayland, MA

 Lisa is an incredible trainer. She moved my pup out of the wild mode and taught me how to get her into a calm place. What a difference she has made. Her philosophy makes a lot of sense and is easy to follow. We will be moving on to a puppy class with far greater understanding. Thank you, Lisa.

Barbara & Daisy

Natick, MA

I rescued Emma (pit bull mix) 10 months ago. She was a fearful aggressive stray, and I was inexperience with the breed. I tried different trainers but it only made matters worse. Emma had turned aggressive towards me, and at that point I was concerned and running out of options. I needed a behaviorist. A friend recommended Lisa and All About My Dog, and from that day on my relationship with my dog changed forever. 

Emma’s road to recovery began with the Fearful and Aggressive class, we then moved on to Good Dog 101,102, 103 and doggie playgroup. We have made tremendous progress and are having fun in the process! 

Lisa and her team of trainers are exceptional. I recommend them to everyone because I believe that every dog deserves a chance and that is exactly what All About My Dog has done for my dog. They have given her chance to a better, happier life; and I am forever grateful.

Cecilia & Emma

Ashland, MA

When I adopted Henry in April at 16 weeks old, he was fearful of lots of new sights and sounds, and walking around our neighborhood was a challenge. After a few months, Henry was a much more happy and confident pup, but still was having a difficult time on walks. After one session with Lisa, we were walking around the neighborhood and beyond, and now walking a mile or more is part of our every day routine. Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your common-sense and gentle method, and taking the time to get to know Henry and me (and helping both of us)!

Zoe & Henry

Maynard, MA

Lisa Rockland and her team have been a GAME CHANGER!! I adopted a 1 yr old boxer/pitt/hound mix from a shelter. Quickly, the dog proved more than I could handle. He became explosive just from the sight of another dog. It got to the point where I became afraid of my own dog. I had tried 2 other trainers and they were not able to help my aggressive, leash reactive dog. In fact 1 trainer told me my dog most likely won’t be able to be rehabilitated. I was devastated. I gave it 6 months, then called back the shelter saying I might have to return the dog adopted. The shelter recommended All About My Dog, Lisa Rockland as one last shot. What happened from there was nothing short of a life changing experience. She is honest, intuitive, and a true dog whisperer. She read my dogs body language through some simple “tests” and told me my dog just simply needed proper socializing skills. My body language was all wrong too. She fixed that. It’s been 4 months with Lisa and my dog is meeting other dogs successfully now. Something I was told (from other trainers) would NEVER happen! She has also coached me through my traumatic experiences and given me the tools to handle my dog. My journey is not over, but I will continue to make incredible progress with Lisa and Jamie. I am INCREDIBLY grateful because now I have the wonderful calm happy dog that I always wanted.

Kristine & Dwight

Burlington, MA

I am a first time dog owner and got a German Shepherd puppy at 8 weeks old. By 4 months of age I was actually afraid of my dog, he was biting, growling and chasing me out of rooms. I was seriously considering returning him. Then I came to All About My Dog as a last resort. I never knew how everything I was doing was confusing my puppy and causing him to act the way he was. Fortunately Lisa, Jamie and Cheryl has faith and helped me to be a new and better dog mom creating the bond I now have with my puppy. He is now 6months old, I love him so much and I have added more classes. These ladies know their Stuff and can show you too how to create that magical bond.

Kelly & Moxie

Sudbury, MA

Lisa is truly amazing at what she does. Not only does she have a deep understanding of dog behavior, she is amazing at coaching humans how to be the best dog parents. We’ve been training with Lisa for years and we learn something new every week. learning how to handle your dog properly from Lisa will enrich your and your pupper’s lives forever!

Laura & Tyson

Billerica, MA

I just want to thank you personally for all the stuff you’ve helped me accomplish with Harley and I hope to have you help me accomplish more with her. She’s changed a tremendous amount … she’s been absolutely amazing at home with no reactive behavior to my neighbors or loud noises. Thank you so much for all the positivity and help.

Stephanie & Harley

Watertown, MA

We rescued a 10 month old Lab/Dane cross from a foster organization and knew that she was a sweet quiet dog that needed to come out of her shell. After three weeks of letting her adjust to her new surroundings, and us, we started to realize that we were going to need help. Leilani was indeed a sweet, quiet and gentle dog but we were having trouble getting her on a leash so walking her was impossible. She was afraid to go outside of the house so we were having accidents in the house. Many times we actually ended up carrying her outside. With Lisa’s guidance and expertise we were able to connect with Leilani almost instantly and within an hour of her arrival Lisa had Leilani on a leash and walking outside! Fast-forward a couple of months and, with continued classes at Lisa’s training facility, Leilani has come out of her shell and we have a happy puppy who is now walking on a leash, going outside and socializing with other dogs and generally being a well-balanced and happy dog!! Lisa’s method works and her knowledge and continuing guidance has helped us to become the best dog family we can be!

Sean & Leilani

Natick, MA

Our nervous, fear-aggressive dog has become a more confident and comfortable companion because of the training we’ve done with Lisa Rockland. He went from whining and freaking out in our first classes to now being a cooperative and playful guy. He loves the playgroups because he has learned how to play. I have learned even more, though — about how my fears transfer to my dog, about how to calm and reassure my dog, about how to see things from my dog’s perspective. We are so grateful!

Cathy & Bernie

Sudbury, MA

Lisa came to our house to help with our Great Dane who can get aggressive with visitors. We had been avoiding having people over and honestly within 5 minutes she taught us how to calm her down. Lisa mostly taught us how we needed to adjust our behavior to manage the dog, and had reasons to explain all of her suggestions. It’s been a week and we have successfully had friends over and gone through the drive thru, when a few months ago we were thinking about having to re-home her it was so bad. I also signed up for the Behavior class, and am very hopeful that we will be able to have our lives back! I would recommend All About My Dog to anyone who needs training, but specifically those dogs that need a little more than most!

Ashley & Kaia

Dedham, MA

Thank you for giving us a safe space to learn and, most importantly, a place where Yankee and I always receive a warm welcome – it’s the first (and only) place we have ever felt like we belonged. Having a reactive dog can be stressful and isolating, so to have found such a skilled and patient teacher like you, along with a community that embraces and encourages us, in an environment where the learning never ends, is truly priceless. Thank you, Lisa (and Bronco)!

Julie & Yankee

Natick, MA

Using the long line under your guidance was such a great refresher. Today, I put Argo on the regular 6 ft leash with gentle leader and used what I learned yesterday and the results were AMAZING…After a couple of pops on the leash when changing direction he stayed by my side and was in tune with me. SO NICE. No pulling. Focused on me. We even passed a fenced-in dog that he usually barks at and pulls towards and he only made a little woof. So much tangible progress in 30 minutes. So happy, thanks again!

Zinta & Argo

Wayland, MA

‘Thanks for all the great referrals…but do I know you?’ were the first words I heard from Lisa Rockland. My answer was honest: ‘I am a mobile veterinarian and over the last few years I’ve noticed that many of the people with well behaved dogs have been your clients.’ I have now known Lisa for well over 10 years and continue to refer dog owners to her. Since then, Lisa has even helped me with my own dogs. Her ability to ‘read’ my dogs and be flexible with solutions has increased my respect for her professional ability. I am pleased to write this testimonial. I find something to love about all dogs, but a happy, well-behaved dog is a joy to be around.

Dr. Betsy Johnson

DVM - Lincoln, MA

When I started dog class, like most people, I thought it was about learning to sit or heel. I, however, had questions like: “So what do I do when he vibrates in fear at the sound of the beep of the waffle maker?” or “What is with that deep growl sound he makes when a stranger talks to him in a gushy cute puppy voice?” Lisa was excellent at understanding and explaining what was going on with my dog. She taught me what to do and we practiced it in classes. Lisa was very patient while we practiced it again, and again and…oh, again. Sadly, I quickly found out that my dog was a faster learner than I was. The social skills and relationship building that Lisa teaches were far more important than “sit.” After the resolving the issue of the waffle maker, it turned out that learning to sit or heel was a piece of cake. More importantly, thanks to Lisa, he is a happy dog in a happy family.

Elise & Oreo

Sudbury, MA

Big improvement in Cali since your visit. We’ve been following your advice. She’s a different dog. Thanks so much again. She was on thin ice & we realized it wasn’t her fault — it was ours. Thanks for being such an amazing dog whisperer.

Kate & Cali

Sudbury, MA

Our dog Bizzie, a 4.5 pound Yorkie mix, was extremely shy as a puppy. She was vary guarded around people and terrified of other dogs. She spent much of our first class trembling at my feet, paralyzed in fear. After a brief introduction, Lisa offered a spot-on description of Bizzie’s issues, followed by a clear plan for a solution. Then she made a promise: “We’ll get Bizzie to come out of her shell.” Flash forward to our most recent class. Bizzie entered the classroom with giddy enthusiasm, eager to greet all her dog pals and their owners, thrilled to see her friend Lisa, and ready to tackle the challenges of the day. Lisa fulfilled her promise by giving me vital tools to build Bizzie’s confidence and balance her temperament. Each step of the way she reinforced these techniques, ensuring that I was employing them effectively. Today there’s no more trembling at my feet. Bizzie is a happy, outgoing dog and we share a lasting bond of trust and respect that could not have been achieved without Lisa’s caring guidance.

John & Bizzie

Sudbury, MA

Lisa, we just wanted you to know that Ozzie is doing extremely well. We always use the Gentle Leader® during our walks and most often he just walks by my side. The neighbors are amazed on how much he has changed in a small period of time. You are the best. We appreciate everything you have done to help our family understand our role in helping Oz to be a great dog.

Bill & Ozzie

Sudbury, MA

My husband and I were in your 11am training this morning with Charlie. We are so in awe of what you are able to do and the change we have been able to see in our dog in such a short period of time with your guidance. I was so sad that he may never have a friend after our older girl passes, and now I have hope.

Julie & Charlie

Framingham, MA

Thank you for meeting with me and Luna this past Monday. She has been a very different dog since our visit. My family immediately noticed the change in her. She has not even needed her medication because she is so relaxed! You have helped to reduce our home stress level considerably already. We are looking forward to the potential of what is ahead. The first question my boys had when you left was, “When is she coming back??” They really learned a lot as well. Thank you again for imparting your wisdom.

Sarah & Luna

Bolton, MA

Rocky had his best behavior yet at the groomer, they asked me what I had been doing!

Thanks Lisa!

Lisa & Rocky

Westborough, MA

I know I’ve told you this before, but please know what a wonderful thing you did for us. We would not still have Noel without you. I can’t imagine life without her now. She and Kayanna are inseparable. Many, many people and dogs would be doomed without you. Plus, you gave me referrals to people that I never would have found on my own and Noel would not have received the help she needed and deserved. I often think about your Rodeo who helped Noel break through to a new level – even in her last months.

Andrea & Noel

Waltham, MA

My dog, Greta, was in the dog aggression class that ended this Monday – she’s the young (about a year old) dog who was barking like crazy the first class 🙂 I just wanted to say thank you – she’s doing so much better! (as you saw this past Monday) And this morning we walked past three dogs and she didn’t even flinch! No grumbling, no whining, nothing!!! I couldn’t believe it! I just wanted to thank you – we learned so much in just those two classes!!!

Nathalie & Greta

Sudbury, MA

I promised I would follow-up with a note to let you know how effective your training to reverse the leash aggression my two labs were exhibiting following a temporary move to a large, dog-friendly apartment complex. It was impossible for me to take them out alone or together without pulling and barking and I felt like I had to plot every move in order to avoid any encounters, especially with other dogs, so the timeliness of the training was critical to me. After two lessons, the dogs’ behavior has improved dramatically and I am now able to take them on walks (even together) without having to worry whether I will be able to manage encounters with other dogs or residents. The dogs have become much more relaxed and well-socialized. The training has vastly improved the quality of my life and I can’t thank you enough. The difference in their behavior is like night and day and they’ve made a few friends now that they can be introduced to other dogs when everyone is ready. I know if there were ever additional behavior issues, I’d call you in a heartbeat.


Newton, MA

Lisa, you are a talented teacher and incredibly gifted with dogs other trainers have no effect upon. All the best for success with All About My Dog.
Channing & Darsi

Newton, MA

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