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Fresca sitting pretty

Fresca mingling with her new friends

Denise Carroll and Fresca

We hope you enjoy their inspiring story of love, commitment and transformation!

In early February 2014…

Denise adopted a Plott Hound mix named Fresca. They formed an instant bond. But over the next few months, Denise noticed a change.

At first the triggers were limited to motorcycles, men, and other female dogs. Then Denise and Fresca got attacked by an unleashed dog, which caused Fresca to react to all dogs, even ones she had met before without issue. Eventually, Fresca began challenging everything that moved quickly; all animals, men, bikes, playing kids, etc.

Before long, Denise found herself doing everything she could to avoid Fresca’s triggers: meaning not leaving the house at busy times, avoiding contact with other dogs and other people. Trainers told Denise that they couldn’t help Fresca. Others advised her to put the dog down. A regular life with Fresca became impossible.

While looking for ways to help Fresca’s life, Denise ran across Lisa Rockland and All About My Dog. She decided to give Lisa’s reactivity class one last try but she was absolutely dreading the first class and the possibility of another trainer telling them they were hopeless. When the pair walked through the doors, Fresca demonstrated how dangerous she could be lunging, growling, and barking at all the other dogs. Lisa intervened, showing Denise how to calm Fresca down faster than ever before. One class later, Fresca and Denise were able to walk through the door calmly and without incident.


Denise no longer avoids walking Fresca at busy times of the day. They actually go for walks when they want to instead of at carefully chosen times and along planned safe routes! Triggers are now training opportunities rather than things to be avoided at all costs. Fresca is learning to meet other dogs while keeping her opinions to herself, and calmly sharing space with her past triggers. Recently she was invited to a gathering of thirty people. While not yet perfect, Fresca handled an unleashed dog, running kids, cyclists, scooters, and skateboards, food everywhere, and even made friends with the men.

Denise credits Lisa and All About My Dog for teaching her and Fresca how to live a more peaceful life. It’s only a matter of time before Fresca is a Canine Good Citizen!

We are so proud of you!

~ Lisa Rockland