AKC Trick Dogs!

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recently established its Trick Dog title program. We love to help our students work towards, and achieve, this title. We believe that having proper communication with your dog is the foundation to any successful team. Teaching your dog tricks reinforces leadership, communication, and focus, as well as building your relationship with one another. Tricks have practical uses beyond impressing your friends. Therapy and service dogs employ many of these AKC “tricks” as critical functions in their work. Most of all, though, tricks are fun to teach and a blast to perform!

All About My Dog is proud of our latest certified Trick Dogs! …

June 2017

Yankee Webster with Julie, Ticket Stuhr with Prue, Bugsy & Lacie Carroll with Lisa, Maddy McMackin with Diane, Pi Fan with Robin, Bizzie Lione with John, Bronco, Jasper with Jordan
Beau Oakley with Bobbie and Tracy,
Porter Menapace with Melissa and Michael
Friar Uzzell with Jessica, Ollie Friscino with Debbie
Peanut, Pepper and Willow