Safety is our number one priority at All About My Dog. Without safe and controlled environments, our students cannot learn and thrive as they should. We recognize the need for our clients’ support in this effort. Please read and adhere to the following guidelines so we all can enjoy a safe and healthy environment.


We require that all dogs present up-to-date medical records upon their first session, and yearly updates thereafter. Records must indicate negative fecal results for Hookworm, Whipworm, Roundworm, and Giardia. Please check with your vet to ensure that these specific ova and parasites are screened for when your dog is examined. All dogs six months and older must be vaccinated for Rabies as required by Massachusetts state law. All other vaccinations must be current per the recommendation of your veterinarian.


If your dog shows signs of aggression in general or in certain situations, please let us know prior to your first training session. If you are new to All About My Dog and are unsure if your dog might pose a threat to other dogs, people or our staff, begin your training right away by scheduling a Private Training Session. We’ll evaluate your dog, address their aggression issues, and recommend the best course for continued training. We reserve the right to exclude dogs due to aggressive behavior.