What could be more fun than hosting your own

Doggie Halloween Party !?

Here are some tips to making sure your event is the yip, yip, yip best it can be!


Whether you buy your dog’s costume online, in stores, or DIY it yourself, make sure that cute outfit does not include loose or small parts that can be chewed or swallowed. Avoid costumes made of plastic or other materials that are toxic when ingested. 


Parties call for treats. Instead of candy (no chocolate for dogs – EVER), offer high protein, healthy dog snacks. Don’t forget to have plenty of water on hand. 


Activities that require one handler and one dog work best.

Choose games that will not overwhelm your doggie guests. Free-for-all chasing and running WILL lead to barking and biting. 

Here are some of our ideas. (Post yours in the comments below!)

  • Set up an agility course in your back yard—two chairs with a broom across is a jump, a line of buckets on the ground is a weave—use your imagination! 
  • Write the names of tricks on sticky notes and post them in different locations—sit, down, spin, roll over, stay are just a few.
  • Relay races—dogs on leashes, handlers balancing balls on spoons.


Doggie guests should arrive on leash and with a competent handler. 1 handler per dog. Limit the number of dogs to a reasonable amount. Dogs should remain on leash during your event unless you feel comfortable offering an off leash component.

Photo Contest

Have a photo contest! Offer prizes for best costume, best poses, best smiles, best matching outfits, best scary faces, best—anything!

Most of all, enjoy!