Welcome to BARKBACK — our newest outreach program to help you live your dream with your dog. The Lisa Rockland Method with its focus on balance, calmness, mutual respect and fun, empowers you to communicate with your dog in a new way, a way that answers your dog’s questions. Once you can communicate, your dog’s unwanted behavior will change. Often immediately. Go ahead. Dream big! Lisa Rockland did.

Lisa discovered early in life that she intuitively thinks like a “mother dog” and thus teaches and interacts with dogs in the way nature intended. After a childhood of raising and training dogs on her own, right here in Newton, MA, she knew that this was what she wanted to do with her life. So Lisa earned a Bachelor of Science in Animal Behavior from The Ohio State University and worked as a veterinary technician for 11 years, all while setting her sights on achieving the highest levels of distinction and accomplishment within the canine competition obedience world. Two of her dogs, Rowdy and Cowboy, earned the award of #1 Competition Obedience Dog in North America,receiving multiple perfect scores in the process. Throughout her jobs and life, Lisa always found ways to teach group classes, private lessons, and make house calls. She was associated as a trainer with Especially For Pets for over a decade. For the past 15 years, Lisa has further specialized in helping fearful, reactive and aggressive dogs. Hundreds of her students have gone on to live normal, happy lives with their families. At All About My Dog, we can help you create a dog that is well-behaved enough to share your dreams. The idea for All About My Dog was born when Lisa was a young girl. She opened the center in September, 2016.

Lisa dreamed of opening her own dog center where she could share her hugely successful method with others. What do you dream about doing with your dog?